GCE Spotlight

Extra curricular involvement
We would like to spotlight our very own Brianna Gholar, pictured on the far right in front.  She dances with The Dance Place in her spare time, which is very beneficial for her.  Read the excerpt from onlymyhealth.com to see benefits of your child participating in extracurricular activities: "Extracurricular activities for kids are beneficial in more ways than one. It helps them to socialize, develop team spirit and stress management skills besides improving their health. Developing a positive hobby in a child goes a long way in keeping him away from negative influences of life and at times, even plays a decisive role in determining his career path. If parents start early in giving their kids several new experiences that help them explore the world around them, the latter are less likely to face the problems arising out of boredom in their life. Kids’ extracurricular activities should be based on what is best for their age." https://www.onlymyhealth.com/benefits-extracurricular-activities-kids-1294876986