Additional Resources

Hi everyone, this is a message from Mr. Bridges about our music learning options! I have created access codes for each class to login into Quaver. If you have any questions, please email me @


1st. click this link:

2nd.Click Sign up: It is the purple box in the upper right corner.

3rd. Create your Quaver account: Enter your name, your own created password, click agree to terms of use and put in the correct Quaver code for your class. (They are all below the paragraph) Now it gives an option for an email and you don’t need to put one there to create an account but it’s good to have one just in case you forget your password. (write your pass word down so you won’t forget it) Hit enter and you are done!

4th When you log in it should give you the option to save your password. Click save password so you don’t have to keep re-entering it if that option is available.


Logging Back In To Your Quaver Account: (This only works if you have completed steps 1-4 above already!)

1st.  Click this link

2nd. Click Login: (It’s the green button in the upper right of your screen.

3rd. Type in your Quaver Name and Password if it doesn’t appear already.

4th. Click Enter

5th. Have fun exploring your Quaver account!



Mrs. Lambert’s Pre-K Class Code: 3S9DK,

Ms. Burge’s Kindergarten Class Code:  4QU5Y

Ms. Pryor’s Kindergarten Class Code:  7XTNU

Ms. Tenner’s Kindergarten Class Code: BFKTJ

Mrs. Lowe’s 1st Grade Class Code:  TTSA9

Ms. Barnes’ 1st Grade Class Code:  XP46Q

Mrs. Courtney’s 2nd Grade Class Code:  X9QBN

Ms. Brotherns’ 2nd Grade Class Code:  Q5Q3A

Ms. McMickle’s 2nd Grade Class Code:  SYFXQ

Ms. Jordan’s 3rd Grade Class Code:  VMCHK

Mrs. Clark’s 3rd Grade Class Code:  3HCES

Ms. Thorton’s 3rd Grade Class Code:  CDGEA
Mrs. Coney’s 4th Grade Class Code:  RPJRB

Mrs. Boggs’ 4th Grade Class Code:  YFVBQ

Ms.  Seneque’s 4th Grade Class Code:  A3FBL

Mrs. Jones’ 5th Grade Class Code:  663HJ

Mrs. Leflore’s 5th Grade Class Code:  L2YQX

Ms. Wilson’s 5th Grade Class Code:  C5KUP