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Ms. Calway is an integral part in making sure our babies get instructional time on Iready Reading. Please make sure your child gets on Iready Reading  at home during the Thanksgiving break. #HpsdSup 

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PBIS Fridays

Grace Christian Elementary has the Best students in HPSD and we love to reward them for following the rules and excelling in proficiency. Every Friday as a reward, students can visit a PBIS (Positive Behavior Incentive System) Store. One week students visit the Ticket Store where they spend tickets earned for good behavior. The next week students visit the Snack Shack where they spend money on concession items.
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SeMHRI Clinics

HPSD parents/guardians can text "HEALTHYKIDS" to 31996 to complete the Southeast Mississippi Rural Health Initiative, Inc. registration form through the convenience of a smartphone. Once the form is complete, a confirmation letter will be sent via text. Students will need this form on file with SeMRHI to receive health and behavioral services. If a paper form has already been submitted, no other documentation is needed.

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Kindergarten Learns about the Bullying First Aid Toolkit

Ms. Burge's and Mrs. Lambert's Kindergarten classes had the pleasure of learning about the Bullying Toolkit from Ms. Mahogany Hibbler. Mahogany, daughter of our very own Alecia Hibbler, is employed with Canopy Childrens Solutions as a Wrap Facilitator. She provides at-home counseling services for children with serious emotional and developmental disturbances. Along with her co-workers, she travels throughout 9 counties and provides services to families 3 days a week. Mahogany spoke with the boys and girls about keeping a healthy mind. A healthy mind develops your body to become healthy. She explains how bullying hurts your mental state. Bullying isnt healthy for the body. Be nice to everyone. We dont want to make anyone feel sad. Mahogany introduced the students to her first aid kit. She covered all of the items in her kit. She started with a smiley face from the kit, letting the students know it is always nice to wear a smile. A smile is contagious. She pulled out her bunny ears to let the students know it is good to listen to their friend. After the bunny ears was an eraser. The eraser is to erase mistakes and to be a good friend. Then there was a rubber band. A rubber band lets them know it is good to be flexible with your friends. Not to always want things your way. Next, a bandaid, she said, can cover and stop the bleeding. She advised them to be a part of the solution. A heart is in the tool kit represents loving your classmate. Do not be mean and do bad things to your friend. Keep an open heart. The last item in the first aid kit was a tissue. The tissue brings comfort to your friend. Be the comfort for your friend. Mahogany told the students that their goal is to be nice, take care of our friends, and our body. The students had the opportunity to ask questions and they really enjoyed the presentation.