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Parental Involvement Policy

posted Sep 11, 2015, 7:18 AM by Alisha Person

Grace Christian Elementary

Parental Involvement Policy



In acknowledgement of much reliable research proving that parental involvement raises the academic achievement of students, Grace Christian Elementary School encourages involvement of parents through a Parent Volunteer Program and the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Parent Volunteers will be solicited for involvement in the organization of activities. A “joint calendar’ that includes activities of all the school and parental involvement activities are produced monthly. The Joint Calendar will include one family activity per month. Parents also are encouraged to be a part of the Teacher Support Team (TST) meetings that are held to plan for student support and also play an active part in helping to implement the Positive Behavior Support Program, which teaches our Students to be Responsible for their Actions, Be Respectful to Everyone, and Be Ready to Learn which in turn will create a Safe Learning Environment.


In order to build an effective home-school partnership and significant relationships, Grace Christian Elementary will provide the following:

1.     An annual orientation meeting where parents will meet their child’s teacher and be informed of their rights and responsibilities in order to be involved in their child’s education.

2.     A flexible number of meetings and activities throughout the year to assist in understanding the federal and state academic content and student achievement standards, as well as local academic assessments. Meetings will also focus on how parents and teachers can work together to monitor their child’s progress in order to improve student achievement. (State, MAP, and Star Assessments)

3.     A minimum of two scheduled parent conferences, where the progress of the student will be discussed as well as the expectations for the grade level, school curriculum, test information and any other concerns that the teacher or parent may have.

4.     Bi- Weekly or monthly telephone calls to parents by the teacher to inform them about their child’s progress.

5.     Continuous communication to assist parents in understanding the school’s curriculum and student achievement through the Grace Christian Elementary Report Card, HPSD Elementary Student Handbook, HPSD Code of Student Conduct District Discipline Plan/Grace Christian Discipline Plan, handouts, mailing and student achievement reports. All information will be sent in a timely manner with an additional follow-up reminder. Information will be sent to parents in a language they can understand.

6.     Each year, several surveys including the HPSD School Climate Survey for all parents shall be conducted by the District and School to collect suggestions for improvement and topics for meetings that meets the needs of parents.

7.     Messenger Phone System calls home to provide notification of pertinent meetings and activities that are scheduled each month.

8.     Representation on the Superintendent’s Parent and Student Support committees will meet monthly with the Superintendent.

9.     A volunteer Sign-in Book will be kept in the office for all parents and community volunteers.

10.  Grace Christian Elementary School will plan programs and activities to be implemented with meaningful consultation with the parents of participating children.

11.  Parents will be involved in the decisions regarding how funds are allotted for parental involvement activities.

12.  Each teacher will discuss annually the compact (outlines how parents, school staff, and students share the responsibility for improving learning) with parents as it relates to the individual child’s achievement.

13.  An annual review and revision of any recommended changes to the school’s compact will include parents

14.  Grace Christian Elementary will provide training through professional development during team meetings and/or faculty meetings for teachers, staff, and principals on how to work together in a joint effort to reach out, communicate with and work with parents and equal partners.

15.  Grace Christian Elementary will develop partnerships with local business and community-based organizations to foster parental involvement.

16.  Title – I program and parent program will be presented annually at the school and community level in order for parents to evaluate the programs.

17.  Each parent will receive a copy of the Parental Involvement Policy.

               Parents have the right to share comments or concerns at the school and district

               level regarding our federally funded school-wide programs.


Every effort will be made to communicate with parents in a format and language that is free of educational jargon and easily understood by all. Parents and community members will always be welcomed at Grace Christian Elementary School. Our ultimate goal is to provide a safe environment that is conducive to learning.


***** Parents have the right to share comments regarding the School Wide Program with the district and the school. Note: Refer also to District’s Title I Complaint Policy.


Vision: Where All Students are Engaged In Challenging Work That Educates Learners and Prepare Students to be College and Career ready


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